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Lilly s. Mohsen

الوظيفة: كاتب
بلد الميلاد: مصر
السيرة الذاتية لـ Lilly s. Mohsen
Lilly S. Mohsen is the author of the "Prophets of Islam" series for children plus many others. Her books reflect the timeless message of the Holy Quran, and the valued morals we learn from those beautiful historical stories. Her most sacred wish is to open a new door for the young generation to help them see and feel the glory of our perfect religion... Islam. Lilly studied Photographic Journalism at the American University in Cairo. She worked as a freelance writer and photographer for a number of magazines and agencies, till she finally decided to write her own books. Lilly lives in Egypt with her son, Yasseen and her daughter, Magda, whom she proudly admits, are the main source of her inspiration
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