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Short synopsis about book Things that Disappear By Jenny Erpenbeck

Jenny Erpenbeck (The Author of Things that Disappear. Galiani, Berlin 2009) born March 12, 1967 in East Berlin, she is a director and writer, and she got many prizes and awards.

2001 Jury Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition in Klagenfurt

    2001 Several residencies (Ledig Rowohlt House in New York, Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf)

    2004 GEDOK literature prize

    2006 Winner of the Scholarship Island Writers on Sylt

    2008 Solothurner Literaturpreis

    2008 Heimito von Doderer Literature Prize

    2008 Hertha-Koenig-Literature Prize

    2009 Award of the North LiteraTour

    2010 Literature Prize of the Steel Foundation Eisenhüttenstadt

    2011 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Prize, shortlisted for Visitation

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