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Short synopsis about book The Shrine By Karam Saber


The novel presents a special legendary world. The narrator starts with a story about the bird of death and Jinnis. He then includes Ogres and other mythical creatures that dominate the narration and the minds of some of the characters in the story such Gamalat, Mina and Zaabola.

Abu Rawash, a corrupt and despondent man controls the world of the novel, and occupies its core. The narrative is launched from the point when his wife, Gamalat, is admitted to a mental hospital as a result of her husband's actions.

The reader can easily distinguish the story's realism and that it deals with Egyptian society and what afflicted it during the past thirty years, including conflicts and major shifts represented in the miniature model of the village housing the shrine, from the magic realism carried through the legendary characters (the Jinns, the ogress, the bird of death). The writer uses them as entry and exit points from the straight forward text in the novel "The Shrine".

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