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Short synopsis about book The Cats Aslo Draws Pictures By Ahmad Shawki Ali


The book’s idea is about a cat and its mythical world. The stories of the book differs from the ordinary stories that tackled animals and used them as a tool to send their social and political ideas to the reader, rather, Shawky uses the cat and his life as a main theme of his narration, adding a Sufi sense to his stories.

The author says that he wanted to add a special particularity that distinguishes his book form the similar books that tackled cats’ lives and used cats as their main characters. The Cats also Draws Pictures, takes its launch from the cat’s life as an existential stance, getting advantage of the superpowers that the cat have in the popular imagination, where it can speak to the dead and ghosts.

In this context, the cat can not be replaced by any other animal, for instance, in the story of “death”, the cat lives and socializes with ghosts and the souls of the dead people and this is a very particular theme in the traditional imagination.

Renowned writer, Ibrahim Abdel-Maguied says of the book “Its short stories are a real adventure, we used in our Arabic tradition that the writer uses an animal as a character in his story as an objective equivalent of many humane, social and political issues but with this book we’re facing something else, we’re not in front of animals but one animal, which is the cat, we’re not confronted with clear symbols but many souls. In this book we find s Sufi sense in the language of narration".

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