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Short synopsis about book Blood alongside Freedom's Path By Hanan Badawe , By Hanan Al Samny

Demaa ala Tareek al Horreya (Blood alongside Freedom's Path) by Hanan Badawy and Hanan El-Samny.


Hanan Badawy and Hanan El-Samny collected the stories behind the names and faces that have become so iconic to the revolutionaries.



The book, the writers say, is not intended to be a documentary of events but rather a small token of thanks to those who lost their lives.


Comprised of 54 articles in total, the book recounts the circumstances of the deaths, the surrounding stories of the revolution and the families' memories of the martyrs. It begins with the first death in Suez and ends with the shooting of senior Al-Azhar Sheikh Eman Effat, who was killed during the Qasr Al-Aini clashes between protesters and Egypt's security forces in December 2011.


The book includes an annex of the 924 known protesters who have been killed, but adds a note that, since no official source exists documenting the deaths, it is likely that many others are missing. Identifying the missing names will hopefully be continued in the next phase of the project.


The book closes with photographs of some of the victims who include men, women and children from all over the country.

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