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Short synopsis about book Journeys of Ibn Elbytar By Ali Bresha

The novel is named after Ibn Elbytar, the main character in the story, is an imaginary character who lived in the 13th century. Ibn Elbytar is a son of a European Nobel who raped an Egyptian woman in Damietta during the seventh crusade which was led by King Louis IX of France. He decides to visit Europe at the peak of the dark ages so as to follow the traces of his dad. Ibn Elbytar starts his adventure sailing off to Europe while tense relations between east and west dominated the scene , in his epic journey between the two shores of the Mediterranean he was captured in Cyprus, and his stay in Cyprus would reveal the our Egyptian Muslim young adventurer Coptic roots, and shed light on the complicated and integrated life style of the Mediterranean people.

Parallel to the journey of Ibn Elbitar, the writer travels along with the other contemporary flip of the novel, which is represented by Dr. "Daniel".
Daniel is an Egyptian Archaeologist , who falls in love with his pretty Italian assistant during his scientific mission in Rome. The name of Daniel itself bares a variety of revelations . From one side the name of Daniel refers to a mosque in Alexandria , which is his home city that shaped out his Mediterranean identity , from the other side it refers to an Israelite profit mentioned in the old testament , referring to the homelessness suffered by the Israelite long time ago.
At the very end of the story the link between Daniel and Ibn Elbitar revealed, showing that the two different stories are actually one,but each is narrated counter wise.

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