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Short synopsis about book Showk (Desire) By Khalel Abou Shady

Khalil Abo Shady's first novel continues the era crossing the red lines in the new Egyptian literature.

Showk (Desire), the novel revealed the ugly face of dictatorship on a poor family, where even sexual abuse is a secret habit within its members.

it had good reviews in Arabic newspapers in Egypt, was not a big hit in sales but doing well.


Bahaa, the young lawyers, recalls his first memories as a child, hoping to purify his soul and to recover from a mysterious ailment that confuses sexuality and addiction to cheap marijuana. The same antihero is trying to burrow in the many layers of his sick society, disclosing violently and harshly every lie he detected around him, starting from his own family which practiced all kinds of sexual abuse and physical harms against its weakest members, while guising in a religious cover.

The hero himself as a child was a target for that abuse.

That process of revealing and disclosure go far to some political bodies and newspapers and human rights associations, beside mental and psychological hospital that deals with addiction and homosexuality.

It is a novel about distorted society and how human beings could survive.

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