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Short synopsis about book The Virgin Mary and the Uprising By Karam Saber


The heroine of the novel is an innocent and pure girl called (Mariam) in love with (Sultan), a corrupt man about town who exploits her and her love for him, sexually, without exchanging emotions with her. He denies her continuously and breaks his promises to her, especially his promise to marry her.

Mariam lives in the district of Shuhada along with the other characters of the novel in a world infused with fraud, malice and treachery. Mariam manages the monotony of her days after the passing away of the father who was found dead on the hands of Rushdie and his men.

She faces the possible dangers of life with her mother Rahma and her young brother Zachariah. Her mother had often tried to use the shop left by the father, but her projects all failed due to a weak heart and the lack of business experience.

Both the need for money, and the desertion of her lover push Mariam towards the market place and the world of the city.

Author Biography


Karam Saber: a writer and human rights activist born in Giza 1967, Saber grew up in country side, spent a lot of time with farmers and in poor area, he writes fiction and poetry.

Karam Saber published more than 8 books, 4 novels, 3 short stories and one collection of poems.

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