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Essam Youssef

Occupation: Other
Country of birth: Egypt
About Essam Youssef
Essam Youssef Born in Cairo, Egypt A graduate of the Department of English Language and Literature, Cairo University. The General Manager of Montana Studios for Film Production. He is the author of the Bestseller "1/4 Gram" novel (31 editions), and also the author of "2 Officers" published September 2013. Both novels are based on true stories. To his name as well "A Round Trip", a TV series in the pre-production phase. He also wrote a book of short stories entitled "By 3", which is expected to be published at the beginning of year 2014. He has chosen "1/4 Gram" (quarter gram) to be his first publication. Essam Youssef is the son of AbdelTawab Youssef, one of the pioneers in the field of children's culture and literary books in Egypt and the Arab World; and to his name is a thousand titles in the field, and Notaila Rashed, "Mama Loubna", the editor in-chief of Samir magazine for forty years. He is married and is the father of Omar, Loubna and Mariam.
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