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Short synopsis about book Dealing With A Devil By Menah Elkady

Have you ever wondered what shaped our consciences? Why some people are good while others are bad? Perhaps to maintain and save our sanity we chose not to answer; yet the mystery is about angels and devils. In our previous life, there were two types of creatures, angels and devils. They lived in two different realms, with their own set of laws which contributes to their survival. Both races wished to dominate the universe. With every mistake an angel attempts a feather is lost, and when all the feathers are lost, the angel loses its divine self and is reincarnated as a human. On the other hand, if a devil does not grow black wings and horns for doing as evil deeds as possible in its lifetime, then the devil is burnt and reincarnated as A human. And in both cases if a creature turns 16 without gaining its wings or horns, it dies and is reborn in a world parallel to the angels paradise.
When an angel or a devil is sent to the humans world he or she forgets about what was seen, lived or felt, and instead gains new experience similar to that gained in either the heavenly world or the underworld. Moreover, dejavu was created in that sense, when a similar experience, name or even place was arrived by our creature they can feel that they’ve been there or somewhere similar yet cannot determine where, when or even how.

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