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SHADE DARKNESS By Muhammad Yahya From Kotobi

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Short synopsis about book SHADE DARKNESS By Muhammad Yahya

Welldam son of Arthmeed .. this’s my name…
Here we are!
At the Sea Side Tree .. the way home!
After fifteen years of tearing muscles, breaking bones and blood shed!
Half of my life! .. I’ve spent in “Mydaba” .. beasts factory!
An entire world, not a such fighting school .. Mydaba world!
Three of every ten who enter Mydaba, never get out, they die there!
Death is not a monster there, is not feared!
In Mydaba, death is a friend!
They taught us how to make the fear of death kneels before our Bravery .. they taught us that brave and coward too dies, but differently!
They taught us that we have nothing is more valuable than our Honor .. they taught us that it’s not about to Survive, it’s about to Live!
To Engage Life!
They told us once about the story of the two friends and the tiger!
When two friends are alone in the forest, and suddenly they were attacked by a tiger .. so one of them should be the hero who’ll spare his life fighting the tiger to give his friend the chance to survive .. and the other one shall be the coward that’ll use his friend’s bravery to escape…!
But, both of them didn’t accept to be the coward!
No one of them escaped, and each one of them stayed waiting for the other to run .. but he just didn’t…!
Then the tiger attacked him! .. then he fought him with his friend!.

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